Misc Stitch #1 Tutorial

The Misc Stitch #1 (or MS1) closely resembles the Tunisian Simple Stitch. The primary distinction lies in executing the stitch through the outer horizontal thread rather than the vertical threads.

The Misc Stitch involves two steps: firstly, the forward pass (on the way down), where we yarn over and pull a loop through the hook, and secondly, the reverse pass (on the way up), involving a yarn over and pulling through two loops (as demonstrated in the video).

Consequently, a row consisting of five Misc stitches is completed in two motions:

  1. During the forward pass, we add loops onto the hook. At the end of this pass, there should be six loops on the hook.

  2. In the reverse pass, we yarn over and draw the thread through two loops, thus removing one loop from the hook with each stitch. At the conclusion of the reverse pass, only one loop should remain on the hook.

If the subsequent row requires more Misc Stitches (say, six), we need to add an extra chain to our row and start the next row with the reverse pass.

However, if the following row calls for fewer Misc Stitches (four, for instance), we conclude the reverse pass with a slip stitch into the stitch below and proceed to the next row with the forward pass.

The attached video demonstrates how to increase and decrease rows using this method.

In the diagram on the right, you'll notice that the element is connected to two single crochets. We refer to these two single crochets as the 'base' in the video, where this base is a component of the disc we started. The element is made of six rows, meaning that every three rows are connected to a single crochet as follows:

  • Rows 1, 2, and 3 are connected to the first sc.
  • Rows 4, 5, and 6 are connected to the second sc. 

Element Instructions :

Row 1: Chain 5 times.

Row 2 (make MS1 5 times):
For the forward pass, heading down towards the head, work in the stitches of the previous row. [Yarn over, pull a loop through and leave it on the hook], repeating this process five times. Then, repeat once more, this time working through the single crochet of the base.

For the reverse pass, heading back up, start by [yarn over and pull the thread through two loops] until you are left with one loop on the hook.

Complete the reverse pass with a chain, then begin working your way back down, starting a new row and a new forward pass.

Row 3 : Repeat Row 2, but this time, execute the MS1 stitch six times. Do not add a chain at the end

Row 4: Repeat Row 3, but this time, perform the MS1 stitch six times. Complete the reverse pass of this row with a slip stitch (sl-st) into the last stitch.

Row 5: Repeat Row 4, however, this time, execute the MS1 stitch five times. Finish the reverse pass of this row with a slip stitch into the last stitch as well.

Row 6:  Single crochet (Sc) five times, then join with a slip stitch to the single crochet of the base.

The Video: