About Happy Patty


My name is Kanyarat (or, Patty :)) and I come from the town of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. My passion is flowers, crochet and everything between these two! I love to collect strange colors of yarn, that I’m sure I’ll use one day – but actually ends up being chewed by my two hyper-energetic cats – Mocha and Latte …

Mocha (left) and Latte (right)

I’ve picked up my first hook (which is a story in itself, self made from dried twigs) when I was 8 years old and immediately tried (and failed) to learn or come up with all of the wrong stitches : ) When I grew up I had to occasionally take small breaks from crochet – and I’ve picked up Thai traditional Fruit Carving, which first made me really appreciate the delicate details of flowers and fall in love with Roses.

Fruit carving tickled my passion for crochet and I became more serious with it again several years ago. I almost immediately started crocheting flowers. It seemed like a natural move, after carving so many flowers out of watermelons and pumpkins in the years before, my hook automatically made shapes of petals : ) as years past by and my yarn collection became too large to control, I’ve started to sell my flowers on Etsy.

Offering my designs came only later – mostly because I wasn’t aware its a possibility : ) I had no knowledge of the immense, amazing community of crocheters and designers around the world -how active it is, and how much I can learn from it. At first I wasn’t aware of the inspiration and weird satisfaction I get when I see someone else, somewhere around the world, crocheting a flower I designed – and this is a big source of motivation for me – and for that I must thank all of you!!

I have a loooong list of flowers I want to spend some alone time with and design the best as I could!

I’m so happy that the weird routes and paths of the internet led you here! : )

Have a wonderful day & Happy Crocheting!